An Evening at Coffee House

There they sat on the spiral stairway,recollecting old memories,sulking it’s bitter sweetness like the coffee before them.

There was none of the excitement of the college days ahead of them but only the comforting pain of their long gone school days.

One could tell how dear those moments were to them by the way their eyes sparkled when the said “those were the days”.

And I sat there confused.

Which was more beautiful? The pain that the missing gave or the thrill that the recollection gave?

One after the other the events kept coming; both funny,ironic and horrific.There were occassional bursts of laughter and sudden jerks of excitement that made them jump off their seats.It was a much needed break for them from the tensions of tommorrow.For a few hours they completely forgot about their big future plans and got lost in the beautiful memories of their school days.They had their eyes fixed on the future with their hearts still beating by the lessons of the past.

And as they got off the cafe and were about to part ways, a sudden silence built among them.None said a word but just stood there looking away from each other, at completely inanimate objects, not blinking an eye.

A silence….to block the tears that were breaking through; to bring their hearts back to the present,while still savouring the last ounce of sweetness from their beautiful yesterdays.

And the silence was finally broken as they sighed in unison; “those days are never coming back, are they? ” 


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