Woman,Wilderness and Etiquette

Lets not dwell on the bed tonight dear,                                                         Lets go chase the moon……                     Your boyfriend will say that he’ll get it for you,                                                     Well why don’t you show him how.

Drag your mother off the kitchen,       Let Dad be the chef tonight.                   Put that jacket on and get that bike revving;                                                         Your mother will love you for the badass you are, but just tonight;           Tomorrow the world will brag you are a woman                                           But lets not have a ‘just‘ standing above that woman

Let them stereotypes bark,                   Their piracy can never break your privacy.                                                       But try not to be ‘like a man–             What good are apples,if oranges tasted just the same?                              Be a woman of your own breed;         Running naked in her wilderness.       A gypsy life ain’t that bad,                   Butterflies ain’t all that can fly…..

Make way through the mountains,     Carve your name on every rock & peak you pass,                                         Let them stand souvenirs of your journey;                                                     Go past them ballads and break-ups   Let the vallies echo your ecstasy.

Have a story to tell your daughter….   Not of frogs,princes and kisses,             But of the princess who made the dragon her pet,                                           And her brother who guarded the tower,                                                           Making sure that none but prince charming got through.

Our world is bleak dear…..                 Etiquette & evolution never got along; But rebellion & revolution did…..         So if you are breaking the rules, break ’em bad;                                                       You are a woman; and that’s never too less…….. 


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